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Terms of legal services

Terms of legal services

The court cases are settled based on hourly rates or flat rate.

The basis for determining fees is the necessary time required and dedicated to fix the case and its value. Fees are set taking as basis the value from 150 PLN to 250 PLN per hour of work. Concerning the cases included in the ongoing legal service, a fixed remuneration is determined in each case in the agreement with the Client.

In the court cases a fee for the legal advisor is set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002 on the fees for the acts of legal advisers and on incurring by the treasury the costs of legal aid provided by the legal adviser appointed ex officio (Official Journal of 3 October 2002, as amended.)

Under this regulation the minimum rates in civil cases, from employment and social security, based on the case value are as follows:

In the cases defined as urgent a factor is additionally x 0.5 of the adopted rate.

The amount of remuneration does not include the expenses incurred in connection with the conduct of individual cases, reimbursement of travel costs (for example, if the trip is by a car for 1 km it is 1 PLN), the domestic daily allowance (250 PLN), and allowances, when going abroad (200 EURO).

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